Marilia Kapetanaki is a graphic designer currently based in Athens, Greece. Her design practice focuses on art direction, book design, visual identity, fashion & video. Through her process, she aims to structure an aesthetical, poetical, typographical, and grid-system approach. For CV, information, collaborations & inquiries get in touch.

AKALLI    Branding, 2019

The fashion brand, Akalli, aims at creating a series of summer clothes which may be worn from the morning till the night (all day fashion) highlighting the multiplicity and functionality of the patron. Within this framework, the logotype is inspired from horizon itself since it defines east and west. More analytically, a circle is put in the middle of the logotype which accompanies and substantiates the concept of entirety through light.

Design by George Tsavalos & Marilia Kapetanaki
Photography Art Direction by George Tsavalos & Marilia Kapetanaki

SIROVOLIA    Packaging, 2018

Sirovolia, is the creation of a vision that began in the late 19th century when the hills around the village of Karthiana (Chania, Greece) were still untouched and pristine. Olive oil production was a way of life in the village and a memory that remains till today. Starting from the logo and continuous to the visual identity the design was inspired by the natural colors of the landscape and the power of family heritage over the centuries. Therefore, each olive oil package captures both the character and the narratives of the place where it was born and matured thought time.

Photography, Art Direction by Marilia Kapetanaki

UN.VEIL    Master Thesis, 2019

Questioning the role of data as a form of internet-user identification and the meaning of surveillance when browsing the internet, the master thesis presents the website The website offers the digital user the ability to view and then read, in real-time, some of the information that may have been recorded by accepting cookies on various websites in which the user has navigated. This information is about browsing and searching data as well as information that is displayed in the form of personalized advertisements. In both cases, the data that is entered (through multiple forms of cookies) works to achieve the best possible experience for the user on the web. For that reason, un.veil is designed to indirectly comment on web browsing and how it can be easily tracked and ultimately sketched out in the best way possible for the user. More specifically, the site is introduced to the public through an activist campaign that takes place on the Internet in the form of fake ads. The fake ads take place not only on the Internet but also create an existential narration of your visual society in real life.

Photography, Art Direction by Marilia Kapetanaki

Poster, 2020

Poster design for the black comedy-drama film Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios (Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown), directed by Pedro Almodóvar in 1988. Poster constitutes a personal project that deals with different narratives around the meanings of abandonment, depression and illusion.

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